The Genealogical Proof Standard – A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey

Whether you are just beginning your genealogy journey or have traveled many miles up your tree, the GPS is a necessary tool to help ensure you are on the correct path to discover your ancestors.

In this class, the 5 Elements of the GPS will be discussed and put into practice. We will talk about what exactly is reasonably exhaustive search, why and how to cite those sources, what it means to analyze and correlate findings, understand what to do with conflicting evidence and how to wrap it all up by writing a sound conclusion. 

No matter your skill level, this is a class for you. With Cheri’s help, the essential elements of the Genealogy Proof Standard will become a part of or sharpened in your genealogy toolbox.

Sign up today on Moodle for Cheri’s four-week class, The Genealogical Proof Standard – A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey, for $99.

Class Outline:

Week 1 – Reasonably Exhaustive Research

Gathering the Information

 Week 2 – Complete and Accurate Citations

Leaving a Trail to Follow

Week 3 – Analysis, Correlation, and Conflicting Evidence

Taking a Good Look

Week 4 – The Written Conclusion

Summing it Up

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