Beginning Genealogy

The desire to discover our ancestors continues to grow in popularity with the addition of online trees, genealogy TV shows, and the popularity of DNA tests. How do we begin to create our family tree and know we are researching the right lines and adding the right people? How do we know where to look for the information we need and if it is correct? The process can be overwhelming.

Beginning Genealogy ~ Starting off Right will teach the basics of beginning your genealogy journey. During the four-week class we will learn how to start, understand terminology, organize your research, avoid common mistakes, and learn what types of records are available and where to find them.

Homework will provide an opportunity to begin the process of building your tree by putting the concepts into action as we move through the class.

Whether you have never filled out a pedigree chart or have been researching for a while with Cheri’s help you will build the confidence and skills you need to climb your family tree!

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Beginning Genealogy – Starting Off Right Class Outline

Week 1 – Starting the Journey

Building Your Tree and Staying Organized

Week 2 – Knowing Where You’re Going

Mapping Out What You Need and Where to Find It.

Week 3 – Staying on Track

Working Your Plan and Avoiding Pitfalls

Week 4- Stopping to Smell the Roses

Understanding Your Discoveries

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