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The IDG Academy (IDGA) has been a project in the works for years. We have had a couple of false starts and delays, but Terri, Jennifer and I are super excited it is being launched in 2017. The academy is an online environment with instructors from all over the world, many of which are The In-Depth Genealogist writers, past and present. We are starting slow with one class offered monthly. We hope to have genealogy basics and special topic classes offered every month in the future.

I came to IDG as the Editor of the magazine. While I was Editor, I was also completing my Master Online Teacher Certificate from the University of Illinois, Springfield. It is a nationally recognized graduate program in online learning. In addition, I have been teaching college political science classes for almost 10 years and developing a strong online component for my classes as well as creating college level online classes. Terri and Jennifer thought my online teaching experience and education would be an asset for developing the IDG Academy. They offered me a partnership and the title Director of Learning. I am always open to new challenges and this has been a challenge. My experience is in teaching and editing, not in genealogy.

The vision I have for the IDG Academy is to be a welcoming community of learners who are building their knowledge of genealogy. Classes will be using best practices in online learning. Classes will be flexible enough for those with tight schedules, but scheduled in a way so students progress with their peers. I want the IDG Academy to become a vibrant community of learners who build relationships with each other and use those relationships to help further their research. For example, if I live on the East Coast and need some help find a record in the Midwest, I can reach out to a friend I met in the IDGA who lives in the Midwest to help me. My two goals for IDG Academy are to provide valuable learning experiences and help build the community.

Heather Reed

Director of Learning

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